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Canada-wide FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on orders $50+
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We’re Sarena, Maya, Arly, Remy and Talia (SMART); five cousins from Toronto, Ontario. What first began as Talia’s pandemic anxiety-fuelled crafting obsession is now a playful collection of art and lifestyle products that are sure to bring a little more joy into your life. Plus, 15% of the proceeds from all orders go directly to the charities listed below. If you have a charity preference, feel free to leave us note during checkout!

Follow us on Instagram @smartandcoshop for behind the scenes content and news about new and upcoming products. Want to get in touch with us directly? Send us an email at is a Canadian charity that works to prevent youth suicide. Through Jack Talks, summits, and other initiatives, they encourage young Canadians to reshape the way they view their own mental health. Their other resources provide information on how to manage one’s own mental health and how to spot the signs of mental illness and suicidal thoughts in others. The work does is so important because it helps to educate our population in order to destigmatize mental illness. ensures that Canadians know that their mental illness does not define them, nor is it something to be ashamed of. —Sarena 

Kids in Camp

Kids in Camp is a charity based in Ontario that provides financial assistance for families to allow children to attend summer camps. Through Kids in Camp, thousands of kids have been able to spend part of their summer at a camp accredited by the Ontario Camps Association. Camps allow children to experience the outdoors, to gain independence, and to have fun with other kids in a safe and welcoming environment. Our experiences at Camp New Moon and Camp Manitou have given us the opportunity to form so many friendships, to develop new skills, and to make memories to last a lifetime. We are so excited to support Kids in Camp’s mission for every child in Ontario to have the opportunity to experience the magic of camp. —Maya

The 519

The 519 is a Toronto organization that offers resources to the LGBTQ2S community, from counselling services and coming out groups to queer parenting support. The 519 actively engages in education initiatives as well as workshops and outreach programs. They also provide community meeting and organizing spaces, and mentorship programs that spread their mandate of inclusion, understanding, and respect. We’re happy to support the work they’re doing in our home city of Toronto! —Arly


Eva’s is an emergency shelter in Toronto for youth aged 16-24. They provide proactive, long-term solutions to prevent and reduce homelessness by helping youth re-establish or maintain contact with their families, and by providing support for youth transitioning to housing in the community. Eva’s houses an Independent Living Program, which provides young people with a variety of life skills, education and employment related activities to ease their transitions to community living. By supporting Eva’s, you are providing a safe and comfortable option for homeless youth around Toronto. —Remy

Canadian Cancer Society

The Canadian Cancer Society is Canada’s largest national funder for cancer research, and is the only national charity that supports all Canadians living with cancer. From educating people about the importance of early screenings, to supporting families and caregivers of those undergoing treatments, the Canadian Cancer Society imagines a future in which cancer is no longer something we need to fear. The Canadian Cancer Society was one of the first organizations we supported as a group (pictured below are the five of us selling daffodils to support cancer research at Mount Sinai Hospital). As we’ve grown up and cancer has continued to impact our family, this cause has remained close to our hearts. —Talia